KING SPA: Supporting Inclusion and Innovation with Support for Spartans Baskin Opera

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A Concrete Commitment to Community

KING SPA, a leading reseller of stainless steel fastening systems, is proud to announce its support for the Spartans Baskin Opera team, an innovative and inclusive sports project. This initiative perfectly reflects our mission to promote social welfare and inclusion.

What is Baskin?

Baskin, short for Inclusive Basketball, is a new sports activity that is inspired by basketball but introduces special and innovative features. Baskin is designed to allow able-bodied youth and youth with physical and/or mental disabilities to play together on the same team, consisting of both boys and girls.

This unique discipline not only makes sport accessible to all, but also values the contribution of each player, overcoming the welfare attitude often found in physical activities for people with disabilities.

The Commitment of KING SPA

By supporting the Spartans Baskin Opera, KING SPA demonstrates its commitment to initiatives that bring real benefits to the community. This support is not only a way to give something back to society, but also an opportunity to promote the values of inclusion and solidarity that are at the core of our corporate vision.

The Spartans Baskin Opera team offers a tangible example of how sports can become a laboratory for inclusion, challenging the rigid structures of official sports and promoting a model of play where shared success truly depends on everyone.

Valuable Support

“Thanks to KING’s support, we can offer our kids an inclusive and engaging sports experience,” says Spartans Baskin Opera coach. “KING SPA’s contribution is critical in supporting our activities and continually improving playing opportunities for all participants.”

Promoting the Good of the Community

KING SPA is not only a supplier of high-quality products, but also an active partner in promoting initiatives that improve people’s lives. We will continue to support projects like Baskin, which promote inclusion, solidarity and well-being, because we believe that a company’s success is also measured by its positive contribution to society.

KING SPA is proud to support the Spartans Baskin Opera and invites everyone to learn more about this revolutionary sport.
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